1.  Faith Promise Commitments are a means of financially

     supporting the work of missions by the local Church.  The

     method has been used for many years  to help individuals

     and congregation of the Lord’s Church maintain and

     increase their giving and concern for God’s missionary work.


2.  A Faith Promise Commitment is an agreement between an

     individual and God.  The commitment is a one year promise

     of a sum of money that  a person, in total dependence upon

     God to provide, intends to give to missions.  The Faith

     Promise Commitment is not based on the money that the

     individual has on hand.  The purpose is higher.  This kind of

     missions giving is based on faith and on increasing our faith.    

     In this type of giving, individuals are urged to ask God what

     they should trust Him to provide so that they will give to



3. In one sense, a Faith Promise Commitment is not a risk at all

    because we give as God provides.  On the other hand, a

    Faith Promise Commitment is a risk because we begin to give

    towards the commitment even before God provides.


4. For a Faith Promise Commitment to work, we must have a

    heart for God’s missions work and sincerely desire to give

    generously to that work.  A Faith Promise Commitment is a

    spiritually encouraging means by which our faith might grow. 

    A Faith Promise Commitment is an exciting opportunity to

    give more than we think we can and for the church to receive

    more money to support missions and missionaries.

What is a Faith 

Promise Offering?