Real Life Christian Church

At RLCC Missions are a priority.  Through our Missions Ministry we are working to make an impact both locally and around the world.  Our missions giving is based on Faith Promised commitments.  Those commitments are made by individuals trusting that God will supply. Currently, we are supporting six different ministries both financially and prayerfully.


AFRICAN CHRISTIAN RESTORATION EVANGELISM is a preacher training Bible College for the Church of Christ in Kenya. 

CONNECTIONS is an outreach ministry in Berlin, Germany that acts as a resource center to the local people. 

CHRISTIAN CAMPUS HOUSE  at the University of Florida and CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP AT APPALACHIAN STATE UNVERSITY IN BOONE NC are places where Christian students can gather and students seeking a better understanding of God and his Word can experience a non-threatening environment. 

BERNARD LUSWETI IN CHWELE, KENYA ministers to multiple churches and leads a school that feeds, clothes and educates local children. 

CITRUS PREGNANCY CENTER located in Citrus county is a ministry that counsels and supports women during their pregnancies.